Get Any Pus Out with Miracle Salve

Simple salve that works! It pulls out pus, heals inflammation, common cold, burns, cough, earache/ear infections. […]


Contrast Showers For A Stronger Health

– One more secret to a strong health… – Just this last winter I went with my friends to banya (somewhat like sauna). After banya I felt like my whole body began breathing again, I felt how every pore of mine was gulping the air. After doing my research on the benefits it brings to […]

Slippery Elm for Diarrhea, Constipation, Stomach Ache

Stop diarrhea and constipation with only one herb – Slippery Elm! This herb is ideal for digestive system and is a must have in your first-aid medicine cabinet for sure. It is called “The Soothing Herb” for Digestive System. Slippery Elm to the rescue!!!