Big Wounds Heals Fast “Wound Paste”

“Big Wounds-No Stitching!” Wound Paste is a must-have in your First Aid Kit! The “wound paste” is made of 5 herbs that sanitizes the wound, fights infection, glues the wound together, and keeps it clean from germs after applying it. In other words, it is a good natural bandage that would speed the healing process […]


DIY Hairspray-Strong/Medium Hold

I have always dreamed of making my own hairspray that would be chemical free and would not harm my hair in any way. Today, I finally made it right in my kitchen and I love it! This hairspray prevents flyaways, makes hair stronger, and holds hair together well! It works just like any other store-bought […]

Slippery Elm for Diarrhea, Constipation, Stomach Ache

Stop diarrhea and constipation with only one herb – Slippery Elm! This herb is ideal for digestive system and is a must have in your first-aid medicine cabinet for sure. It is called “The Soothing Herb” for Digestive System. Slippery Elm to the rescue!!!

Sanguinarian Mouth Wash

Bloodroot/Sanguinarian Root Is A Proven Plaque/Tartar-Killing Herb! Unfortunately brushing and flossing our teeth alone just don’t guarantee us having healthy teeth! When teeth begin to rot, the only option dentists are giving us is to fill the cavity with a filling (which may contain poisonous mercury). There is a big health risk getting those kinds […]