Get Any Pus Out with Miracle Salve

Simple salve that works! It pulls out pus, heals inflammation, common cold, burns, cough, earache/ear infections. […]


How To Clean Out A Clogged Ear – Get Your Hearing Back!

One time we went to travel with the family and my husband stopped hearing well on one ear. That happened right after he cleaned it with an ear swab. Well, we mostly all do that don’t we? Happened to be, that the earwax did not come out as expected, but got stuck deeper in the […]

Nervous System Tonic DIY

Strengthens Nervous System, Reduces Stress, Regulates Blood Pressure, Helps Sleep… This is a one great remedy (tincture) that I have been using on some rare occasions as needed! My mom’s friend gave the recipe to my mom and my mom shared this recipe with me. Thank you mom! I like to recommend Nervous System Tonic […]

Contrast Showers For A Stronger Health

– One more secret to a strong health… – Just this last winter I went with my friends to banya (somewhat like sauna). After banya I felt like my whole body began breathing again, I felt how every pore of mine was gulping the air. After doing my research on the benefits it brings to […]

Get Rid of Tooth Abscess Without Antibiotics

Inspirational – “Our Dentist Appointment” Two weeks ago my eight-year-old daughter woke up with a tooth abscess. It was a baby tooth that got treated before. After some time, this tooth changed in color and had a black line going across it. It was also moving from side to side as her adult tooth was coming.

Garlic and Oil for earache made in seconds. Takes pain away instantly.

Treat Ear Infection Without Antibiotics

Ear Infection In Children/Babies/Adults I try to stay away from antibiotics as much as possible, and believe that nature provides us with better antibiotics then the ones people make. So going to see the doctor every time my child had an earache was pointless for me. After a lot of researching I found this method […]