Welcome to my notes on how to stay healthy naturally, drugs free! My name is Lena. I have been always inspired throughout my life in making and using homemade natural products! I am so privileged to share with you about the ideas on how I avoid lots of harmful additives/chemicals in products and heal my body naturally!

Those big names, under ingredients section, of any product, we buy at the store, does harm to our bodies in different ways. Taking drugs these days is also not a good option since there are way too much dangerous side effects. After all I do believe that we are what we eat and what we use on our bodies! So to become healthier/stronger we need to make a change in our habit of not eating packaged foods eliminate taking drugs if much as possible.

I do have a background in medical field as I graduated from Spokane Community College and had a privilege to work with a Cardiologist as a medical assistant. My real passion though is in researching about how to stay healthy naturally.

As of today, I am an independent researcher who is willing to fight for strong health naturally as much as possible. I like to listen and interview older people who are in their 60-70’s and are still not on any drugs! Usually they got so much wisdom!

I also have three beautiful children whose ages are 8, 5, and 1.


I am excited to share with you how I avoid additives/chemicals and harmful drugs in my life here at stayhealthynotes.com! Stay Healthy!

*I do need to mention though that I am not a doctor and the information was not checked by FDA, and is not intended to cure, prevent any diseases. Always check with your doctor.


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