Contrast Showers For A Stronger Health

Contrast showers increases energy, keeps you alert, strengths heart, increase circulation and more.

– One more secret to a strong health… –

One day I went with my friends to banya (somewhat like sauna). After banya I felt how every pore of mine was breathing/gulping the air. My energy levels increased and I felt good overall. After doing a research on the benefits it brings to our health I got intrigued.

Unfortunately I don’t always have an opportunity of going to banya so luckily I can substitute this procedure by performing contrast showers at home. Contrast showers has somewhat similar effects on the body then banya does. I felt more energized right away after it as well. After all, it just feels right – good!

Why our body is getting such a great effect from hot/cold water?

The answer is that skin is our biggest organ in the body, and when exercising contrast showers, we exercise our whole body.

*It is important to know how to perform this procedure properly, to prevent a negative effect on the body.

Proper way to perform contrast showers:

At first, stand under comfortably warm water. When the body gets used to the temperature-stand for couple of minutes under hot water, then, one minute under cold water again, then, couple of minutes under hot water, then, one minute under cold water. Continue in this order for about 10 minutes. If you got more time you can even do this for a longer period of time.

Easy right? But with such an easy process, a strong, good health is guaranteed!

Hints To Consider:

  1. Raise and lower water’s temperature gradually with each procedure. Your body needs to get used to the big difference in temperatures.
  2. It takes longer for the body to warm up then to cool down.
  3. Always start cooling your body from the top to the bottom. For best results it is recommended to splash your body with a cold water. *Perhaps, ask someone to pour a bucket of cold water above your head!!!
  4. Do not ever let your body to get into a “freeze” mode! You need to enjoy the overall feeling of the process. Feeling awake and comfortable is the main indicator that you are doing this properly. Do not do this against your will or in a way that would harm your body. Relax and enjoy!
  5. It is best to take contrast showers in the mornings after exercising. *At that point your body is warmed up, has increased blood flow, and with an additional benefit of washing the sweat off!
  6. If you decide to take contrast shower in the evening, it is recommended to take it for about 1-2 hours before bed.
  7. It is best to end contrast showers with cold water when taking them in the mornings. End with warm water when taking contrast showers in the evenings. *That is because cold water gives you more energy and warm water relaxes your body.
  8. After showers, rub your body intensively with a towel. This will add a good massage to the body and stimulate capillaries with increased blood flow.
  9. You are welcome to also increase the effect of contrast-shower procedures on a psychological level by humming a happy song during the process. *The mood will noticeably get happier.
  10. If you choose to do a positive self talk during contrast showers, such as “my body is cleansing, getting healthier/stronger, and getting younger” or something along those lines, you will bring its benefits to the maximum!

Benefits of performing contrast showers on a regular basis:

  1. All the body’s organs function better.
  2. Detoxifies organs.
  3. Eliminates toxins through contrasting muscles.
  4. Provides fresh supply of blood to all the cells.
  5. Increases/improves circulation (lymphatic and blood).
  6. Reduces blood pressure.
  7. Supports immune system.
  8. Provides body with stronger metabolism.
  9. Body looses weight-we have two type of fats white (adipose) from junk food and brown (the good fat). Brown fat generates heat by burning white fat, and helps your body stay warm. So by getting cold in the shower, your body starts to burn fat with fat!
  10. Tones heart and blood vessels, makes them healthy.
  11. Helps with varicose veins.
  12. Treats heart arrhythmia.
  13. Increases red and white blood cells in the body.
  14. Increases energy levels/ability to work.
  15. Normalizes positive energy in the body.
  16. Strengthens nervous system.
  17. Relieves depression.
  18. Heals sore muscles.
  19. Relaxes the muscles (when hot water).
  20. Lowers body tension (when hot water).
  21. Alleviates migrane (when hot water).
  22. Reduces swelling-edema (when hot water).
  23. Reduces anxiety (when hot water).
  24. Keeps hair healthy.
  25. Rejuvenates the body (makes you look younger).
  26. Tones and adds elasticity to the skin.
  27. Cellulite goes away.
  28. Increases testosterone and fertility.

My experience:

I have been doing contrast showers for one month straight, for nearly every day, so I could share my experience here. When I just began performing contrast showers, it seemed impossible to me to get used to cool/cold water. It was very uncomfortable.

After some time, I am surprised what temperature difference I was able to tolerate! My body finally got used to the quick change of temperature! What’s more interesting is that the more I did contrast showers the more I got comfortable with it!

The feeling was very similar to what I felt after I went to banya – full of positive energy. Every cell in the body begins to breath!

After all it feels good when you know you did something good to your body’s health!

A little word of encouragement:

If I can do this, you can! It is time to get out of your comfort zone and start taking steps towards a healthier, stronger you!

Get encouraged and continue performing contrast showers! Make it a habit of your life!

Word of caution:

If your blood pressure is inconsistent, or have any problems with the heart, blood vessels, and blood-consult your doctor if it is okay for you to practice contrast showers. Perhaps, it may be okay, just start very gradually.

One more thing to consider:

Some results you will see and feel instantly and some with time. For example, you will feel more energy from just after the first time of taking a contrast shower, I did! On the other hand weight loss, for example, you will notice after performing contrast showers after a prolonged period of time.

It is very motivating when you see the results!

Get into the habit of performing contrast showers and positive results will last for a lifetime.


*This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any remedy, if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.