Drawing Ointment-“Black Salve”


Here is a very simple method on how to get out slivers/splinters or any other foreign objects from under the skin. Even those objects that doesn’t want to come out, and the skin around it is swollen, red and irritated. It is a “Black Salve”.

Things you need:

  • Black Salve
  • Anything to scoop it with-I used a toothpick
  • Bandage
  • Epson Salts-for irritated skin, where foreign object was under the skin for a longer period of time. Usually happens with splinters.

*If it’s a splinter(usually bigger, wooden object under the skin) is irritated, soak it in the warm water with epsom salts first, then apply a black salve. If it’s a sliver (usually tiny, wooden object under the skin) and the skin is not irritated, just apply it straight without soaking the area.

How To:

Dip a tooth pick into the black salve, just a tip, and apply it to the area with a sliver/splinter. Cover it with a bandage. It usually takes up to three days for it to draw out. Repeat the process until it’s out. Change the bandage with fresh, black salve at least once a day.

After you see the foreign object sticking out of the skin, you may then easily pull it out with tweezers and sanitize the area with a rubbing alcohol or peroxide if you wish. I don’t if it’s just a sliver.

Where to buy it:

You can get a large amount (14oz.) of it for a few dollars by going to your local farm store. The farmers use this on their animals when they have sores or something that is stuck in their hoofs, and it works just as well on people. It will save a lot of you from a doctor’s visit.

You may also order it from Natures Warehouse online. This jar will contain only two to four ounces and will be a bit more pricey. This one is $18.36

I bought mine at the North Spokane Country Store-True Value for about $7-$10. I don’t remember the exact amount as it was long, long ago.

Our experience with Black Salve:

After playing on a playground with other kids, my six-yera-old son Maxim got a sliver in his foot. He came to me saying that it was bothering him. His eyes showed me how nervous and worried he was as he is really, really afraid of needles. (Before, I used to get his splinters/slivers out with a tiny needle, that I sanitized in alcohol, then pulled with tweezers.)  As a six year old, he thought that is was such a big deal and no matter how accurately I would try to get his splinters/slivers out he would be so stressed and panicked. He was panicked not because it was painful, but because he did not feel right when he saw mommy with a needle trying to get out his tiny little, sliver.

Well, with black salve he does not have to go through so much stress anymore. When he came up to me with a sliver, I thought of black salve right away.

Minimize the stress and panic in your children with “Black Salve” and Stay Healthy!!!!

max with sliver

The idea about “Black Salve” I took from an educator, midwife, consultant, and mother of nine children, who tested her knowledge on countless friends, clients, and family – Rachel Weaver.


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