Get Rid of Tooth Abscess Without Antibiotics

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Two weeks ago my eight-year-old daughter woke up with a tooth abscess. It was a baby tooth that got treated before. After some time, this tooth changed in color and had a black line going across it. It was also moving from side to side as her adult tooth was coming.

Tooth abscess (first picture) and a black line on a tooth (second picture).

Since it was not bothering my daughter, dentist decided to not touch it on our previous dentist appointment. I decided, as a mom who tries to avoid antibiotics as much as possible, that I would try to help her get rid of infection naturally

*Antibiotics, unfortunately, weakens immune system dramatically, and have very dangerous side effects.

For me to call and schedule a dentist appointment was pointless, as dentist would have to prescribe her antibiotics. Even though on the third day of that abscess, I was about to give up, and scheduled an appointment to see a dentist. I think it was fear that drove me to do so. Then I was thinking why would I give up so easy? So I cancelled the appointment the next day feeling silly because during the cancellation, I told the receptionist something like “I will try to heal her abscess naturally” her reply was, “ooookaaay” to it. I strongly believed that I could help her, with God’s help, and am so glad that I did cancel that appointment. I saved my daughter from taking those harmful antibiotics!

Pulling a tooth with infection present is dangerous, as the infection may get into the bloodstream; so I only had one option left, to try and help my child with natural methods/remedies.

What she did to get rid of the abscess:

  • She rinsed her mouth for about three times a day with a Sanguinarian Mouth Wash for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Slept with the cotton ball, soaked in Sanguinarian Mouth Wash, on the abscess.
  • Every single morning, sometimes at noon and evenings she was doing oil pulling (avacado oil or coconut oil) on an empty stomach, for 15-20 minutes. *Any vegetable oil would work.
  • On about the fourth day, I put some drops of diluted oregano oil on a cotton swab and gently rubbed the abscessed area with it just once.
  • Swished with a “tooth abscess paste” in her mouth. (She really did not like that one because of the cayenne pepper, and clove essential oil, and she only did that for about four times.) Me as an adult, I would swish more often with it ofcourse.
  • She also drank cavity healing tea/black walnut hull tea one cup every other day.

In about five days she woke up with no abscess, flat gum once again!!! I could see a little open wound area where the abscess oozed out from, but it healed in no time as it was very little. Her abscess oozed out during the night on the fifth or sixth day. To be on a safe side, that her infection has cleared all the way, she continued oil pulling process but in the mornings only.

We then decided to go see a dentist for a tooth extraction. Her adult tooth was about to come out, plus I did not like the color of that, infected, baby tooth anyway. While sitting at the office, I was so nervous to hear what dentist had to say as I really hoped the infection got cleared away. Hearing that she had no infection was so relieving to me! That same visit, dentist was able to pull out her tooth! Oh, how excited I was! Check!✔️  Another proven remedies that worked in getting rid of tooth infections/abscesses naturally!

Moms out there who feel hopeless when something comes up especially with a child, no matter what it would be, never give up. Keep calm, do not panic, and use your best judgement. Even though we tend to panic so easy as moms, when our children are sick, there is always a solution in helping them to overcome their sicknesses naturally. Stay strong, ask God for wisdom, strength, patience, help, and try to help your child to stay healthy the natural way!

Note of warning:

If you tried natural remedies and see that they still don’t work on you or your child for some reason then you absolutely need to go see a dentist and unfortunately take antibiotics. I would give this one a try first though!


*I am not a doctor, and these methods were not proven by FDA, so what ever you do, you do it at your own risk. These are not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose a disease.


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