Fast Healing “Wound Paste”

“Big Wounds-No Stitching!” Wound Paste is a must-have in your First Aid Kit!

The “wound paste” is made of 5 herbs. It sanitizes the wound, fights infection, glues wound/cut together to prevent from germs after applying it. Works as a natural bandage that would speed the healing process of any size of a wound. Wound paste will keep you away from stitches at the doctors office that could leave you with scars. This wound paste promotes healing with no scars. Heals any size of a wound, even big, bloody wounds fast!

*Note: Facial wounds bleed excessively, do not be afraid, apply this wound paste to it as well to prevent scarring.


Ingredients to make a wound paste that sanitizes the wound, fights infection, works as a natural bandage, protects wound and prevents the scarring.

*You may substitute Olive Oil with Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, or any other vegetable oil. Whatever you have in your cupboard.

How To:

Exact proportions of herbs to make wound paste that works as a natural bandage and speeds the healing process.

Mix together.

Powdered mixture of herbs: comfrey root, slippery elm, myrrh, bayberry root, and garlic to make a wound paste. Acts as a natural bandage on a wound, prevents scarring.

Store this mix in a tightly covered, small glass jar. It’s a good idea to keep a tiny bag of this mix in your emergency kit, car, or purse.

What to do:

Let the wound bleed a little to flush out the wound. If you happen to have hydrogen peroxide near by, spray it on the wound to sanitize. Then apply pressure beside the wound and fill it with wound-paste powder.

Pack the dry powder into the wound or you may mix the wound powder with a little bit of oil and then pack it into the wound. *I prefer dry powder verses mixing it with oil, that way it creates less hassle and works as great. Apply pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. Put a bandage on. If it’s a bigger wound wrap it with a sterile gauze and check it again the next day. Add more powder if needed, but do NOT mess with the powder already there.

This powder absorbs the blood and makes a really nice scab/glue to aid in holding the wound shut.

Facial Wounds:

Facial wounds bleed a lot right away. They stop rather quickly if pressure is applied.

  • It’s important to stay calm, never panic.
  • Assess the damage.
  • Apply a steady pressure to the wound for approximately 10-15 minutes to stop the bleeding.
  • Proceed with same steps as described above under “What to do” section.

People can loose a lot more blood than you might think, without it being serious. Head/face injuries bleed more because we got a higher number of blood vessels there then other parts of our body.

My experience:

Couple days ago my 5 year-year-old son ran to me in panic showing his bloody finger. Blood was gashing from it. He tried to cut an avocado open, the knife slipped and made a deep cut on his finger. I applied this wound paste on it. The bleeding stopped and he didn’t have problems with it even after accidentally wetting it at the end of the day. Wound stayed shut anyway. I reapplied the wound paste for two more days with a new bandage and in about 3-4 days he forgot he had it!

First picture is how his wound looked on a second day after applying the wound paste. Second picture is how it looked on the fourth day. Super fast healing!

Wound paste the heals big wounds without sticking and minimum to no scarring.

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*Consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using it, also if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

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