12 Flu Prevention Tips

Diced onion on the plate helps to eliminate flu-bacteria in the air if someone is down with cold or flu in the family.

Preventing your self from getting any sort of “bug” in your body is the wisest way to go! Stay strong and healthy when everyone else around you is sick👍🏻 and help spread a word to others on how to keep yourself up and running when others are down and weak. Some of the tricks I do may sound silly but from the experience it truly helps and prevents me and my loved ones from getting sick and that is what matters! Hopefully you will find some tips helpful to you as well.

1. Wash hands using birch tar soap – as often as possible. Birch tree soap kills bacteria very effectively from hands.

2. Cut onions – and put them on plates in every room of the house. It would kill the bacteria in the air.

3. Diffuser with lemon essential oil – in it and put it in a room where you are most often, it also kills the bacteria in the air.

Carmex, minced garlic, and birch tar oil to smell before going somewhere to prevent cold/flu bacteria in your body.

4. Smelling minced garlic – will kill the bacteria in you nose. (Keep minced garlic in a small jar close to you and smell it often when someone around you is sick with the flu, or before going anywhere public).

5. Smelling birch tar oil – will also kill bacteria in your nose and prevent bacteria getting in your body through the nose for up to 8 hours. (Smell it when someone around you is sick with the flu, or before going anywhere public.) 

6. Swabbing Carmex or Vaseline inside the nostrils – with a cotton swab will also get bacteria trapped in your nose and may prevent you from getting sick. (Swab when someone around you is sick with the flu, or before going anywhere public.)

*I like buying Carmex in a value pack of multiple tubes as shown on Amazon above, it’s cheeper and I can put it in multiple places at the house as well as my purse.

7. Take diluted oregano oil – under the tongue for about three times a day or so. (click to see how to dilute)

8. Take lots of vitamin C capsules – 1000mg, three times a day.

9. Take 5-7 peppercorns with a glass of water – to kill the bacteria.

10. “Hot water bottle” – make it warm and place it on the stomach, this may help ease the stomach pain and discomfort.

11. Take echinacea capsules – to support your immune system.

12. Drink lots and lots of water – to flush your body out. (click on the link to see more about drinking water)

Try some of the tips above and prevent you and your loved ones from getting sick during the cold/flu season!

*I recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using any recommended ideas written above, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

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